Mental models (draft)

The mind is interesting, isn’t it? We can never know what the other person is thinking unless we communicate in love and truth. Even if we know a person well, we can only hazard guesses at his or her motivations.

An essential question is “how do we think?” and the further question is “can we know more about this discipline to help us encounter beliefs and motivations?”

Developing Pluralism

Before we explore that, I refer to the earlier post “A world of beliefs“.

“I like to annoy people who think that a religion can contain the whole truth. No religion, it seems to me, contains the whole truth. I think it’s mad to think that there is nothing to learn from other traditions and civilizations.”

– Ninian Smart, The Future of Religion: An Interview with Ninian Smart

There is no a priori reason to think that your worldview is more valuable than another. Every person is equal in dignity, voice, and so on. Even joining an organized religion is personal. Unfortunately, many resort to claiming that their worldview/religion is more worthy.

Why does this happen?


And then experience – Religion expresses many dimensions of human experience. Such an approach is “polymethodic,” multiperspectival, comparative, and cross-cultural. The phenomenologist of religion needs to take seriously the contextual nature of diverse religious phenomena; to ask questions, engage in critical dialogue, and maintain an open-ended investigation of religion; and to recognise that religions express complex, multidimensional, interconnected world views. This focus on religions in terms of world view analysis lead to the contemporary interest in the globalisation of religion and global pluralism.’ Luigi Giussani, The Risk of Education OR Lai Ah Eng Other Fields

  1. Futures studies
  2. Intelligence studies

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